Maxima Fair Stand

Maxima Stand

Maxima exhibition stand is a customizable and impressive exhibition stand model for fairs and events. With its professional design and functional structure, maxima stand is a powerful solution that allows your brand to stand out at fairs. Maxima exhibition stand, which is an effective method to be one step ahead of your competitors in fairs and events and to attract the attention of your target audience to your brand, is among the most preferred exhibition stand models in recent years with its stylish appearance and ergonomic structure. It provides advantages in many aspects with its structure that can be easily adapted to your brand’s concept and demands. Maxima stand prices make it more preferred than other stand models, thanks to its easy installation and low cost preparation.
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What is Maxima Fair Stand?

What is Maxima Stand?

It is an exhibition stand design that is created by combining different components and can adapt to different sizes and shapes. Maxima stands can generally be customized according to the area and needs where the stand will be installed and can be easily installed. Since it is created with different models, it can easily adapt to the fair area you purchased it from. Chipboard and aluminum are generally used as the most preferred materials for Maxima stand models, but installation can also be done in combination with materials such as chipboard, glass, MDF and fabric.

Maxima Stand Advantages: ​

Maxima stand; It helps your brand stand out at fairs with its impressive design, customization possibility, easy installation, functional features and durability. In order to offer the best fair experience for your brand and customers, you can stand out from your competitors during the fair periods by choosing the maxima stand. Standing out with its quick and easy installation, maxima stand has a modular structure and can be installed quickly thanks to its combineable parts. This saves time and costs. At the same time, the portability of the maxima stand allows you to easily adapt to different fairs and events. 

The Maxima stand model stands out with its superior functionality as well as easy installation. Features such as integrated storage areas, shelving systems and display units provide the ideal versatile platform to present your products to your customers. It also allows you to attract the attention of visitors with technological features such as sound and light systems.

Maxima Stand Prices:

Maxima stand design can be considered more economical than other stand design options. The fact that the stand is reusable and the components can be used in different arrangements can reduce costs. In addition, the transportation and storage costs of maxima stands are generally lower.

Maxima fair stand, which stands out with its many features, appears as one of the best choices for your brand during fair periods with BTK Expo’s experience and creative designs. In addition to stand designs, we provide services such as catering, hostess/host service, photo & video production and in-stand events, allowing you to focus only on your customers and focus on your business. With our professional team who are experts in their fields and the references of dozens of brands we serve, we transfer the experiences we have gained so far to your brand to ensure that you have a problem-free fair in every sense.

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